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An intuitive sales method that empowers you to become fully independent in sales & business.


can The Flames Method transform you?

The Flames Method is a transformational method – to help 360° Photographers and Google Trusted  Photographers to build and scale up their businesses. Check out the video of what The Flames Method brings to you and click to get free lesson of  360°  photography sales strategy for free. The Flames Method teaches you about turning the flames in your customers, that are more likely to buy your virtual tour.  It also works for other services. 

Click here for the free video about the 360° photography sales strategy.

FROM less TO more.

The Flames Method gives you the opportunity to...

Always keep the flame BURNING within you. Then spark the flames in others.

Hi, we are
Dragan And Uroš

We are business merlins.
We turn water into the flames.

We discover how CONSCIOUS sales can
transform THE business of entrepreneurs.

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Five Virtual Tour sales strategy lessons with a 5 -step process to build and scale up your independent  360°  virtual tour business. Specially designed for 360°  Photographers and Google Trusted Photographers.

Also applicable for other professional photography experts, 3D photography, business portraits, industry photography, landscape/drone photography…with focus on B2B sales.  


Sell less, close more FOR 360° PHOTOGRAPHERS

A transformational 6-week on-line course and community for 360° Photographers and Google Trusted Photographers, that want to enter the new virtual tour market or industry, want to dominate and get new customers without explaining about the value of their business. 

Build your own independent sales channel that will bring you new customers, no matter restrictions, without cold calling, and without investing in any social media. 

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