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Dragan has put more than 800+ businesses, from 12 different countries, on Google, creating virtual tours and photographies.

Introducing the 360° Photography Sales Mastery: Attract high paying clients e-book – the missing piece that will activate your full potential and help you achieve more deals in your industry.

As a dedicated and talented 360° photographer, you already possess the skills and expertise to capture stunning virtual experiences. But imagine if you could attract high paying customers for virtual tours and other photography services.

That’s where the this e-book comes in.

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This is not a magic pill. It won’t work if you don’t believe in hard work.

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This won’t work for you if you don’t actually have the expertise to solve a real-life or business problem for your clients.

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You won’t be pitched a $2,000 course at the end of the this e-book.

What’s Inside the E-Book?

  1. Proven Strategies: The e-book is packed with actionable tips and strategies that have been tried and tested in the field.
  2. Real-Life Success Stories: Get inspired by the success stories of 360° photographers who have transformed their businesses using the strategies outlined in the e-book.
  3. Practical Tips and Tricks: The e-book is not just about theory. It’s about practical tips and tricks that you can start implementing right away.

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Dragan Babić

Dragan is a Google Trusted Photographer (2013), Inspirational Speaker & Trainer and Author of “The FLAMES Method“, having put more than 800+ businesses from 12 different countries on Google as a 360 photographer and helped more than 3.500+ students to improve their sales, communication,  marketing and mentality skills permanently.

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