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Do you want the full access to Sell Less, Close More lessons for 360 photographers and other photo professionals?
You can see what you can benefit here below. 

Here is what you ACCESS AND GET
when you join on-Line »Sell Less Close More«
training program for 360° photographers.


Sell Less Close More virtual course

You will have access to 53 lessons in a 6week video training program to help you sell less and close more virtual tours. The program takes less than 30 minutes per day and the knowledge and exact instructions on how to close at least one new virtual tour customer in just one week time, from opening the sales till sending the invoice, without investing in social media or cold calling. You keep the full access to the course after finishing the course.  

Value: 2.980,00 eur + VAT


Sell Less Close More challenge

You will get a six-week plan to build your independent sales closing generator for Virtual Tours and any other services or products. This process also includes three LIVE group reflection calls with other 360° photographers enrolled and our TFM team. And you will receive sales professional certificate after completing all the lessons. But more importantly, you will transform your virtual tour business.  

Value: 900,00 eur + VAT


Sell Less Close More extras and bonuses

You will get extra tutorials and lessons to help you sell less and close more. In one of the tutorials, you will receive Dragan’s secret sauce, which he used for closing each of his 600 clients. And you might get more of this from the other photographers in the course, that will share their experiences.

Value: 300,00 eur + VAT



Two original scenarios: E-mailing letter that closed all of Dragan’s deals, and the original follow-up calling scripts that will help you close every Virtual Tour deal and additional services you offer. Scripts are related to the niche of restaurant, museums and other virtual tour industries, however you can apply them to all new industries and markets you want to enter also with other photography service you provide.

Value: 690,00 eur + VAT



You will get the Manifesto Workbook with all the instructions and exercises for reaching your main goal and vision in the business of the virtual tours. 

You will receive a deck of 12 motivational quotes for 360°Photographers  that will empower the natural closer within you. They will help you achieve tasks and remove obstacles in your sales process. 

You Never Fly Alone!

Value: 120,00 eur + VAT

#total value


This program is changing the way the 360° photographers are doing the visualization business. It is the start of experienced learning: the 6-week educational training filmed specially for 360° photography community. Plus…you will start closing the deals with less selling. Never give up. You will never fly alone anymore in virtual tour business!

TOTAL Value FOR YOU: 4.990,00 eur + VAT

Price WITH SPECIAL CUPON: 1.998 eur + VAT 

Purchase this amazing on-line and join the “Fourth Generation” of The Flames Photographers. 
We are offering you an exclusive, time limited deal SPECIAL CODE and ONLY till 28-th of February 2023. 
Normal price is 2.498 EUR + VAT. Reach out to us, to find out more about the coupon.

After adding to cart, you will be redirected to the “View Cart” page of the TFM Academy where you will have acces to all the lessons. 

This is a purchase of the full course. If you buy now, you will gain access to the full course (53 lessons) with six-week Virtual Tour sales challenge  and LIVE Zoom sessions with other 360° professional photographers from all over the world. Special enrollment price with the SPECIAL CODE (coupon) ends 28-th of February 2023 (at 23.59 CET) for the fourth generation of 360° photographers. After this date, we are raising the prices for this program.