The Flames Method presents webinar for 360° photographers & Google Trusted photographers

How to get new virtual tour customers without investing in social media

(without any marketing and cold calling, even in the times of restrictions... or after restrictions...)



Dragan Babić

Google trusted 

Uroš Ferlin

Marketing strategist for pro photographers

This FREE webinar will help you discover: 

Want to attend free, LIVE webinar with Google Trusted Photographer Dragan Babić?

In this 75 minutes session, Dragan will share how he is getting two new clients per week for virtual tour, already since 2015 (600+ clients). Uroš will show how to build customer generator.

Note: the case study is useful for other photography services as well!

Planned agenda for 75 min:

1. Case study of Dragan’s most successful virtual tour deal in 2021 (where he earned 16.024,00 EUR).

Plus, we will show you how Dragan got 600+ companies/businesses from 12 different countries … And how Uroš has helped him to develop his approach to make new prospects interested in his virtual tours and other photo services.

2. Easy six steps on how to up-scale your 360° business in time after restrictions.

We call it The Flames Method for 360° photographers, and it will save you time, money, and energy when you will start to use it. You will see how to build your independent and easy sales channel, without investing in social media. 

3. Q/A session

At the end, you will have time to ask questions directly to Dragan and Uroš about things that are you facing in selling your virtual tour and other photography services, how to close every deal possible, how to make up-sell and similar.

Join free webinar and interesting 360° photography showcase. 

We meet Wednesday, 11-th May at 5 pm (CET, Berlin time), on Zoom. 

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Get direct insights from Dragan’s virtual tour work and approach. 


Case study - Museums 2021

360° photographers watching the study case of museums and how Dragan succeeded to get 16.024 EUR deal in this new industry for him
without any investment in social media or other marketing channel, without using the cold calling in times of restriction in 2021. 

 450 and more 360° photographers from all over the world already learned about strategy C5 for photographers. 

Questions and discussion about photography business.

The webinar opens a discussion between the 360° photographers about approaches they use to get new customers. 

It is time that we change the game of virtual tour business in this world. 

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